Current Seasonal Menu

Spirits: Neat or on the Rocks $6-7

Cocktails $8


Martini – Vodka or Gin, dry or sweet, shaken or stirred, dirty if desired, choice of olive

White Russian – Vodka, RCS coffee liqueur, and half & half

Key Lime Pie – Vodka, lime, cream, and coconut

Tri-Apple-On – Apple Vodka, house made apple syrup, and apple cider vinegar

Razzle Dazzle – Vodka, raspberry, orange and vanilla

Cucumber Cooler – Vodka, lemon, cucumber

Lavender Spritzer – Vodka, lavender, honey, lemon and butterfly peaflower tea

Honey at Sunset – Vodka, orange, grapefruit, and a touch of honey

Ginger Gimlet – Apple Vodka, ginger, and lime (try with Raspberry Gin)


Gin or Vodka and Tonic – Gin, tonic garnished with lime

Thyme Collins – Gin, lemon, agave, and thyme

Greyhound – Gin and grapefruit juice

The Basil – Gin, fresh basil, grapefruit and lime

Lavender Bee’s Knees – Gin, lavender, a touch of honey


Apple Jack Rabbit – Apple Brandy with an orange base and a clove accent

Apple Cherry Limeade – Apple Brandy, cherry and lime juice

Jack Rose – Apple Brandy, lemon and grenadine

Cherry Eau de Vie paired with chocolate

Whiskey and Bourbon

Manhattan – Bourbon, cherry cordial, and bitters

Old Fashioned – Bourbon, orange, cherry, and bitters

Mint Julep – Bourbon, mint, and sugar, topped with crushed ice

Oaken Rose – Bourbon, house made grenadine, and lemon

Rosemary Sour – Corn Whiskey, lemon, maple, and muddled rosemary

Whiskey Sour – Choice Whiskey, lemon, lime, and a touch of sweetness

Corn Mojito – Corn Whiskey, lime, and agave, topped with club soda

Prairie Cherry Limeade – Aged Corn Whiskey, cherries, and lime

Corn Jack Rabbit – Corn Whiskey, lemon, orange, and maple

Whiskey Rose – Rye whiskey, muddled rosemary, grapefruit, and honey

Gold Rush – Bourbon, lemon, and honey

Soda Spirits $7-8

Create your Own from any of our spirits with: Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Tonic, or Club Soda

Gin & Tonic (try with Raspberry Gin)

Vodka Tonic

Bourbon and Coke


*All of our wines come from White Pine Winery based out of St. Joseph, Michigan

Reds – Serendipity (dry), Dune Shadow Red (dry), Red Expression (medium)

Rosé – Ladyslipper Blush (dry)

Whites – Pinot Grigio (dry), Reserve Riesling (medium), Traminette (medium sweet)

Non-Alcoholic Drinks $3

Tropical Sunrise – Orange, grapefruit, lime, and hibiscus

Moonbeam – Orange, grapefruit, tea syrup, and house made grenadine

Non Collins – Lemon, agave, and a sprig of thyme

Lemonade – Pink or regular, topped with water or club soda

Tri-Apple – Apple syrup, honey, cinnamon, with a splash of apple cider vinegar

Appetizer Trays

Charcuterie Tray – Various meats and cheeses (brie and cheddar), crackers, dried fruits, and nuts $12

Cheese Tray – A selection of cheeses from the MSU Dairy Store, with crackers and fruit preserves $10

Mediterranean Tray – Mediterranean styled crackers, cured meats, hummus, olives, dried figs and dates  $10

Chips and Salsa – Tortilla chips with Michigan made salsas $6

Macho Plate – Beef jerky, cheese, pretzels, mustard, crackers $5