Winter Menu

Spirits: Neat or on the Rocks $6-7

Cocktails $8


White Russian– Vodka, RCS coffee liqueur, and half & half

No Bake Gingerbread– Vodka, coffee liqueur, and ginger

Tri-Apple-On– Apple Vodka, house made apple syrup, and apple cider vinegar

Chai Latte– Vodka, chai tea, and half & half

Chocolate Candy Cane– Vodka, peppermint, and chocolate (try with our new Cherry Eau de Vie)

Honey at Sunset– Vodka, orange, grapefruit, and a touch of honey

Ginger Gimlet– Apple Vodka, ginger, and lime (try with Raspberry Gin)


Golden Fall– Gin, orange, and house made spicy syrup

Thyme Collins– Gin, lemon, agave, and thyme

Greyhound– Gin and grapefruit juice

The Basil– Gin, fresh basil, grapefruit and lime

Crimson Gin– Gin, pomegranate, green tea and hibiscus


Cherry Pie– Cherry Brandy, bourbon, sugar syrup, and cherry concentrate

Cherries and Cream– Cherry Brandy, cherry concentrate, blueberry jam, and half and half

Chocolate Covered Cherry– Cherry Brandy, chocolate, and half and half

Jack Rose– Apple Brandy, lemon and grenadine

Whiskey and Bourbon

Manhattan– Choice Bourbon, cherry cordial, and bitters

Old Fashioned– Choice Bourbon, orange, cherry, and barrel aged bitters

Bourbon Bun– Choice Bourbon, vanilla, cinnamon, and bitters

Oaken Rose– Choice Bourbon, house made grenadine, and lemon

Rosemary Sour– Corn Whiskey, lemon, and maple

Cornlua– Corn Whiskey, coffee liqueur, and orange

Whiskey Sour– Choice Whiskey, lemon, lime, and a touch of sweetness

Mojito– Corn Whiskey, lime, and agave, topped with club soda (or mix it up with a different spirit)

Prairie Cherry Limeade– Aged Corn Whiskey, cherries, and lime

Corn Jack Rabbit– Corn Whiskey, lemon, orange, and maple

Milk & Honey– Bourbon, half and half, and lavender syrup

Soda Spirits $7-8

Create your Own from any of our spirits with: Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Tonic, or Club Soda

Gin & Tonic (try with Raspberry Gin)

Vodka Tonic

Bourbon and Coke


*All of our wines come from White Pine Winery based out of St. Joseph, Michigan

RedsSerendipity (dry), Dune Shadow Red (dry), and Red Expression (medium)

Whites Pinot Grigio (dry), Reserve Riesling (medium), Traminette (medium sweet)

Non-Alcoholic Drinks $3

Tropical Sunrise– Orange, lime, tea syrup, and hibiscus

Moonbeam– Orange, grapefruit, tea syrup, and house made grenadine

Non Collins– Lemon, agave, and a sprig of thyme

Lemonade– Pink or regular, topped with water or club soda

Tri-Apple– Apple syrup, honey, cinnamon, with a splash of apple cider vinegar

Appetizer Trays

Charcuterie Tray– Various meats and cheeses (brie and cheddar), crackers, dried fruits, and nuts $12

Cheese Tray– A selection of cheeses from the MSU Dairy Store, with crackers and fruit preserves $10

Mediterranean Tray– Mediterranean styled crackers, cured meats, hummus, olives, dried figs and dates  $10

Chips and Salsa– Tortilla chips with Michigan made salsas $6

Dessert Tray– Ginger snaps, chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries, chocolates, and almonds $8