Apple Brandy– Made from apples from Uncle John’s Cider Mill, and aged. It’s similar to a whiskey, but slightly sweeter with a light apple flavor.

Eau de Vie– An unaged cherry brandy made from real Michigan Montmorency cherries. This pairs well with dark chocolate


Green Label Bourbon– Made from 100% yellow corn, all non GMO, and aged for 2 years.

Public Works Edition– This is our special edition bourbon. It’s made from red, white and blue corn, blended with rye and apple wood smoked malt, and aged for 3 years.


Blue Label Gin– Our base starts as our corn vodka, then infused with warm botanicals including orange and cardamom. It’s not too heavy on the juniper flavor, which makes for a great mixer.

Raspberry Gin– The Raspberry Gin starts out as our Blue Label Gin, then distilled once over with real Michigan raspberries. It makes a great Raspberry Gin and Tonic.


Apple-This vodka is distilled from apples, not apple flavored, which creates a crisp light apple flavor. Makes a great mixer for fruity cocktails.

Corn– Distilled from yellow corn, all non GMO. It has a mostly neutral flavor, which a touch of sweetness.

Wheat– Made from wheat, very neutral flavor, serves great as a base for any cocktail, or Vodka Martini


Aged Corn– 100% real yellow corn, all non GMO, and aged for 2 years.

Unaged Corn– Made from 100% yellow corn, a clear spirit, serves as a great mixer if you’re looking to try something new.

Rye– Made from 100% rye, and aged for 2 years. Makes a great Manhattan.

Melting Pot– A special edition whiskey made from red, white, and blue corn, rye, and malt, all aged separately, before being combined to create a blended whiskey.