Red Cedar Spirits gets rave reviews for its vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon and brandy.  Our artisan approach involves using artisan stills to make uniquely crafted spirits. The production of our spirits from the grain (or fruit) to the bottle takes place in the Red Cedar Spirits Distillery. Attention to detail and scientific expertise result in smooth, consistent, well designed products. Red Cedar Spirits adheres to high standards in the production of high quality spirits with their own unique character.

Visit Red Cedar Spirits distillery where the setting is historic and relaxing and the spirits and cocktails are exceptional.  Cocktails are made using fresh fruits and herbs, in-house prepared ingredients.  Distillery tours are available and always a hit.

Please check back for updates and new activities! We look forward to your visit to our cocktail bar and distillery. Red Cedar Spirits will continue to offer new selections in both bottled spirits and cocktails. There is always something new to explore!