20-many-cocktailsCome to Red Cedar Spirits where the setting, the activities, and spirits of all kinds make for a great outing. It’s a place where friends meet or you can sit at our red cedar bar and enjoy a great spirit on your own. Our cocktail bar is nestled in a quiet, woodsy setting, where you can experience a variety of craft cocktails and inspired seasonal cocktails. Our bar menu also includes delicious appetizers featuring locally sourced cheeses, meats and accompaniments.
Most importantly, our drinks are exceptional whether you have your spirits straight up, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. We use fresh fruits and herbs as well as our own syrups and ingredients. Visitors enjoy trying our creative twist on well-known drinks as well as our own original cocktails.


We currently have a limited menu and are offering only outdoor seating to keep everyone safe and healthy. Visit our Facebook page to see what we’re serving up this week!

Current Seasonal Menu

Cocktails, Drinks and Plates

Spirits: Neat or on the Rocks $6-7

Cocktails $8-9


Flamango | Apple Vodka, Mango, Habanero, Lime, Honey

Ginger Gimlet | Apple Vodka (try Raspberry Gin, too!), ginger, lime

White Russian | Vodka, RCS coffee liqueur, half & half

Martini | Vodka or Gin, dry, dirty, or both, choice of olive (different stuffing)

Tri-Apple-on | Apple Vodka, housemade apply syrup, apple cider vinegar

Chocolate Mintini | WheatVodka, Mint, Chocolate, half & half

Key Lime Dream | Vodka, lime, coconut, vanilla, almond milk

Bloody Mary | Vodka, house made spicy tomato juice, hearty unique garnish

Salted Caramel Apple | Apple Vodka, apple syrup, caramel syrup, dash of salt

Whiskey and Bourbon

Manhattan | Bourbon, cherry cordial, black walnut and chocolate bitters , cherry

Old Fashioned | Bourbon, orange, cherry, in-house made bitters

Michigan Margarita | Corn Whiskey, orange, lime, agave

Bourbon Bun | Bourbon, cloves, chocolate bitters, vanilla, cinnamon

Milk & Honey | Bourbon, lavendar, honey, half & half

Pixi Elixir | Bourbon, basil, lime, blueberry

Southern Belle | Rye Whiskey, strawberries, peach, lemon, selery bitters

Rosemary Sour | Corn Whiskey, lemon, maple, fresh rosemary

Gold Rush | Bourbon, lemon, honey

Oakberry Buzz | Bourbon, dune shadow wine, coffee liqueur, bitterss


Gin & Tonic | A classic gin cocktail. Try with any of our gins!

Thyme Collins | Gin, lemon, agave, thyme

The Basil | Gin, grapefruit, fresh basil, orange, lime

Spiced Pear Gin | Gin, lemon, spiced pear

Athena | Black Label Gin, lemon, sweetened

Lavender Bee’s Knees | Gin, lavender, lemon, touch of honey (try with vodka)

Ultimate Punch | Raspberry Gin, orange juice, pomegranate, cranberry juice

Dean’s Old Fashioned | Black Label Gin Old Fashioned

Liz Grey | Red Label Gin, grapefruit, cherry

Brandy (Eau de Vie)

Cherry Pie | Cherry Eau de Vie and a blend of cherry pie flavors

Jack Rose | Apple Brandy, house grenadine, lemon

Apple Jack Rabbit | Apple Brandy, Orange, lemon, cloves, maple

Michigan Coffee | Cherry Brandy made from Michigan Cherries, coffee liqueur, chocolate, half & half

Mocktails (no alcohol) $3

Tropical Sunrise Orange, grapefruit, lime, and hibiscus

Double Apple– House apple syrup, spices, special apple ingredient

Non Collins – Lemon, agave, and a sprig of thyme

Lemonade Pink or regular, topped with water or club soda

Warm Drinks $8

Vodka Chai Latte | Wheat Vodka, chai, vanilla and cinnamon

Irish Coffee | Aged corn whiskey, coffee, Irish cream, whipped cream

Mulled Wine | Red Wine with cinnamon and other spices

Hot Chocoloate with Spirits | Hot chocoloate with your choice of spirits

Platters and Plates 

Charcuterie Platter | Assorted meats and cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, a pickled specialty food, gourmet mustard, crackers $12

Mediterranean Platter | Assorted meats and cheeses, pita chips, crackers, hummus, olives, figs, dates, pepperoncini $12,

Cheese Platter | Assorted fine cheeses, crackers, with blueberry preserves $10

Gin Pairing Platter | Goat cheese, dill havarti cheese, smoked salmon, cucumbers, gherkins, crackers $12

Chips & Salsa | Tortilla chips and salsa, locally made $6

Pita Chips & Hummus | Our favorite pita chips and hummus $6

Wine from White Pine Winery   

$6 per glass, bottle price below

Red Wine

Serendipity | (dry) a classic high quality Bordeaux blend $25

Dune Shadow Red | (dry) a fairly dry red with a soft rich plate $14

Red Expression | (medium) a cherry berry hint from these slightly sweet grapes $14

Cabernet Franc | (semi-dry) a silky red blend, earthy $14

White Wine

Pinot Grigio | (dry) honey dew and pear aroma with a dry, crisp finish $16

Reserve Riesling | (medium) a popular medium dry wine $16

Traminette | (medium sweet) slightly fruity flavors pop with a hint of sweetness $15

Rosé Wine

Ladyslipper Blush | a mellow blush with a delicate demeanor $17

Spirits from Red Cedar Spirits   

sold in cocktails or by the bottle, more details on products page

Whiskey and Bourbon

Green Label Bourbon | a full, smooth bourbon rich in corn

Melting Pot Blended Bourbon | our special complex blend with a presence of malt

Oatlander | smooth as can be with a help from the oats and our excellent distillers

Rye Whiskey | spice, smooth and so good

Malt Whiskey | a malt favorite

Corn Whiskey | smooth and clear, makes great cocktails too!

Barrel -Aged Corn Whiskey | a mellow, rounded corn whiskey


Blue Label Gin | our original gin, with a light juniper touch

Red Label Gin | raspberry theme in this gin

Black Label Gin | a gin with botanicals that carry a licorice note


Apple Vodka | distilled from apples

Corn Vodka | distilled from corn

Wheat Vodka | distilled from wheat


Apple Brandy | distilled from Michigan apples and barreled, smooth, apple linger

Cherry Brandy | distilled from Michigan Montmorency cherries, a true cherry brandy