Apple Brandy – Pint and 375ml: Distilled from Michigan apples and aged in oak barrels. Brandy offers an apple touch to cocktails and is a splendid sipper neat or on the rocks.

Cherry Brandy (Eau de vie, Kirschwasser)– Pint and 375ml: Our cherry eau de vie (a type of brandy) is distilled from 100% Michigan Montmorency cherries with no other flavors added. It has the familiar aroma of Michigan’s tart cherries and the taste is equally wonderful. Our eau de vie makes a great sipping spirit and pairs well with dark chocolate.

Bourbon and Whiskey

*Green Label Bourbon – Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): Distilled from 100% non-GMO yellow corn and barrel-aged for at least 3-4 years. Our corn whiskies are very smooth, and this barrel-aged one is sweet and light and great in cocktails and also neat or on the rocks

*Melting Pot Blended Bourbon– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): Our all-time favorite! This blend contains bourbon, rye and malt whiskies and aged twice. It is complex and flavorful. This makes outstanding cocktails but it is almost just to good not to savor it neat or on the rocks. Aged for over 3 1/2 years

*Oatlander– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): Smooth is the key word to describe the Oatlander Bourbon. The sweetness of the corn with the toasty flavor of oats melts together into a very pleasant bourbon.

Rye Whiskey– Pint (375mL): Distilled from rye and aged for 3 years. Careful distillation practice and skilled distillers lead to a spicy yet smooth, delicious rye bourbon. It makes a great Manhattan!

Malt Whiskey– Pint (374mL): If you like earthy style whiskeys, you would enjoy this malt whiskey. Barrel-aged three years.

Corn Whiskey– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): Distilled from 100% non-GMO yellow corn. It is a clear spirit that serves as a great mixer.

Barrel Aged Corn Whiskey– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): Distilled from 100% non-GMO yellow corn. Our clear corn whiskey is aged for one year in used bourbon barrels to give it a mellow touch. FYI, if we aged it in new bourbon barrels, it would be bourbon! This whiskey is also great in cocktails.


*Blue Label Gin – Our Original Gin– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): Our mainstay gin has a light flavor, not strong on juniper. It is a gin that gets great compliments, even by previous non-gin drinkers who have feared other Christmas tree flavor gins!

*Red Label – Our raspberry gin– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): One of the botanicals distilled into the Raspberry Gin is Michigan Raspberries. An awesome raspberry aroma greets you as you sip, and the raspberry flavor is light and delightful. It mixes great with tonic!

Black Label – Our licorice gin– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): The botanicals distilled into this brandy impart a delicious licorice flavor. This gins is great sipped (especially with a twist of orange) and also makes unique cocktails. It also mixes great with tonic!


*Apple Vodka– Pint and Fifth (375ml and 750mL): Distilled from Michigan apples, not apple-flavored! Makes a great mixer for cocktails where delicate apple characteristics enhance the drink.

Corn Vodka – Pint and Fifth (375ml and 750mL): Distilled from non-GMO yellow corn. It has the touch of sweetness found in other corn-based spirits.

Wheat Vodka – Pint and Fifth (375ml and 750mL): Distilled from Michigan wheat, very neutral flavor, serves as a great base for any cocktail, or vodka martini.


2020 – Cask Strength Bourbon– Pint and Fifth (375mL and 750ml): At our distillery tasting room, we offer one or two reserves each year that are small run spirits that we have determined are of special quality. Just an extra treat at Red Cedar Spirits

* Denotes the products also sold in stores, bars, restaurants; all spirits are sold at our distillery in East Lansing, MI